The Spinning Coin

Just an evil hypnotist who enjoys hypnotizing good girls to be even gooder. Tumblr refugee, 37, male, New Hampshire. I love to make good girls cum their brains out. Feel free to message me if you want to talk. Or cum a lot. I reserve the right to be evil, as is my nature.

Note: I don't have an issue with evil people who brainwash cute girls for their personal pleasures, but if you do that, clean up after yourself. As they say, Leave only footprints, and take only pictures.

Simon Says stop fighting.

Simon Says give up.

Simon Says accept.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Let us all celebrate the ending of the work week. Let us all show the world how happy we are. And what better way to do this than to bounce our titties??? No Way!!

Happy Titty Bounce Day Everyone!

Take a selfie with your cutest outfit

Enjoy being cute.

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